sound composition / animation / visual programming

Audiovisual composition for the contemporary dance piece “Solar Plexus” inspired by Isadora Duncan and directed by dancer and choreographer Morella Petrozzi.

Solar Plexus” is a part of the anatomy located just below the chest and above the stomach. It is in this area of the human organism that Duncan laid the foundations for the beginning of the movement of his dance.

Through the capture of movement of the dancers, as well as the use of generative animation on projection threads, a staging with ethereal energies and with a visual result full of transparencies and depth is proposed.

Direction: Morella Petrozzi
Audiovisual composition: Omar Lavalle
Dancers: Claudia Odeh, Karen Montes, Jacqueline Pévez, Pierinna Rodríguez, Elizabeth Duarte and Max Monge.
Costume: Susan Wagner
Photo:  Marina García Burgos and Sandra Pereda.

Teatro de la Alianza Francesa, Miraflores, Lima _ November / December 2017