Omar works as a cultural manager, curator and producer of innovative projects located at the intersection of art, technology and digital culture. These projects are developed in conjunction with artists, partners and different institutions in collaborative processes, and presented in formats such as exhibitions, installations, festivals, digital projects, conferences, live and virtual events.

ARTEMIS: Fountain _ Pauchi Sasaki

Production manager for Pauchi Sasaki performance ARTEMIS: Fountain in conjunction with View Master Events as part of the Rolex Arts Festival .

Athens, Greece _ May 2023

Rolex fellow Pauchi Sasaki premiered ARTEMIS: Fountain, a Rolex Arts Festival commission, at the Canal of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. The composer-performer was joined by 30 members of the acclaimed Greek choir CHÓRES in this brief, celebratory outdoor performance, planned as a brief excerpt of her digital opera.




Management and production for  Fundación Telefónica del Perú  in collaboration with MALI .

Lima, Peru _ January 2023

Solo exhibition by the Australian artist Liam Young,  that explores the impact of technology on people’s lives and its influence on the transformation and redefinition of cities.

Known for the captivating visions of his imaginary worlds, the work of Australian filmmaker and speculative architect Liam Young are futuristic stories that arise, precisely, with the intention of generating a debate around the technological revolution in which we are immersed; making visible both its risks and its enormous possibilities, and reminding us that it is necessary to become aware of the reality that surrounds us. Climate change, the overcrowding of cities and the challenges of a hyper-connected and automated world, where the great opportunities offered by digitalization should not conflict with privacy or employment, are some of the issues addressed by the artist in the exhibition.


PAISAJES DE LUZ _ Joanie Lemercier

Management and production for  Fundación Telefónica del Perú  in collaboration with MALI  and Studio Joanie Lemercier. Curated by Juliette Bibasse .

Lima, Peru _ August  2022

Through computer programming and device manipulation, Lemercier manages to turn projectors into a light source capable of transforming the appearance of things and making us question our conception of reality. “Light as medium, space as canvas” is the premise on which the body of work from this period is based.

This exhibition, curated by Juliette Bibasse, addresses the importance of nature in Lemercier’s life and artistic career and reflects on the representation of the natural environment through technology.


THE ETERNAL RETURN _ Cristhian Ávila

Management and production for  Fundación Telefónica del Perú  in collaboration with MALI and Cristhian Ávila .

Lima, Peru _ December  2021

The eternal return, pre-hispanic interactions by artist Cristhian Ávila, was the winning project of  Irradia (Espacio Público) contest, produced by Fundación Telefónica del Perú in alliance with the Museo de arte de Lima, MALI throughout 2019 and 2021.

This project is an art installation that collects information about the wind currents passing around it. These data are processed by software that converts them into commands to activate the system of ducts and electrovalves that allow the replicas of pre-columbian musical instruments to produce sounds. After its premiere in Lima, the project The eternal return, pre-hispanic interactions , competed in the Prix Ars electronica 2022, standing out and winning the award of Distinction.



Management and production for  Espacio Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with MALI

Lima, Peru _ March 2021

All the Lighthouses of the Peruvian Coast is a multidisciplinary project that explores the relationships between navigation, sound and writing.

Based on the lighting and structural characteristics of the 56 lighthouses deployed along the 3,000 kilometers of the Peruvian coast, Luz María Bedoya has created a graphic score to be freely interpreted by various musicians. It is a score of open notations that assumes the indeterminacy of experimental music. Along with this, the artist has invited several authors to elaborate a text inspired by specific concepts of the nautical language, which lead to reflections on music, navigation, the body and the present moment in the still diffuse post-Covid 19 world order.

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CONEXIÓN DIGITAL _ 2nd edition

Programme curator and director for Espacio Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with Contrapedal

Lima, Peru _ February 2021

Conexión Digital proposes a virtual program where ideas, education and community creation converge. Various specialists designed workshops, seminars and tutorials on various current topics such as: technology, art, music, creative code and more.

The potential of technology for creative uses was examined, exploring some topics, theoretical and practical, that allow us to open up new possibilities and learn about new tools for artistic creation, as well as its application in other specialties.

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Programme co-curator and management for Espacio Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with Contrapedal and MAC Lima.

Lima, Peru _ October 2020

A digital meeting space to promote the work of independent labels, producers and musicians. Throughout a weekend, a series of national and international professional meetings, performances and clinics carried out by artists were held, highlighting the dissemination of Peruvian record labels and the downloading of a free selection from their virtual catalogs.

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Programme co-curator and management for Espacio Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with British Council.

Lima, Peru _ June 2020

Nosotrxs, is a series of video interviews focused on the topics of gender, identity, art and LGBTIQ+ culture. These interviews were recorded by the artists, managers, and community representatives themselves during the quarantine period due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The four chapters will feature the participation of diverse exponents of queer culture and art such as music, video, poetry, performing arts, among others; as well as community representatives in different areas of management and social development.

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Image: still of video Adjust by Bendik Giske / Dancer: LEGZ.


IRRADIA _ Art + Technology

Management and production for  Espacio Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with MALI.

Lima, Peru _ November 2019

For the first period of Irradia Art + Technology, the artists Fátima Rodrigo and Jaime Oliver were invited to develop a work for four video channels and eight audio channels. The resulting installation, entitled Plató América, delves into the artists’ fields of research on the links between abstraction and the Latin American entertainment industry, as well as pre-Columbian symbology, synthetic sound waves, and avant-garde experimental music; questioning the relationship between the contemporary and what is assumed as ancient or primitive.

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Image: Plató América _ audiovisual installation by Jaime E. Oliver and Fátima Rodrigo



Programme curator and management for Espacio Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with British Council, Somerset House, MUTEK and Canada Council for the Arts.

Lima, Peru _ September 2019

Connecting different cultures and experiences, the AMPLIFY D.A.I explores ways of building confidence and empowering womxn artists in digital arts and electronic music in order to enlighten, embolden and contribute to the current cultural shift around inclusivity and gender issues.

AMPLIFY D.A.I is an initiative developed by the British Council in partnership with MUTEK (Canada/Argentina) and Somerset House Studios (UK). Since 2018, the programme has connected an active network in Argentina, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru and the UK.


Image: META AV _ audiovisual performance by CLON and NWRMTNC
Photo: Claudia Delgado


CULTURAYMI _ Art and Technology program

Programme curator and management for Espacio Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with Canadian Embassy.

Lima, Peru _ Agosto 2019

Culturaymi, was the Cultural Program of “Lima 2019 Pan American and Parapan American Games”; for this event, activities related to digital arts were carried out by the following artists: Myriam Bleau (Canada), Daniel Iregui (Canada) and Pauchi Sasaki (Peru).

Control No Control
Interactive installation by Daniel Iregui

Interfaces and Interactivity in New Media Art
Conversation with  Myriam Bleau, Daniel Iregui and Pauchi Sasaki.

Soft Revolvers
Audiovisual performance by  Myriam Bleau

Sanagi 2.0
Audiovisual performance by Pauchi Sasaki

Image: Control No Control _ interactive installation by Daniel Iregui


HORIZONTE EXPANDIDO _ Immersive audiovisual experiences

Programme curator and management for Espacio Fundación Telefónica.

Lima Peru _ June 2019

Horizonte Expandido, brings together eight Peruvian artists with visual and sound projects whose proposals are articulated for the first time with the aim of exploring an audiovisual configuration that attempts to challenge traditional formats, merging acoustic and visual stimuli towards a new direction. An ephemeral platform for audiovisual experience within the exhibition hall of ESPACIO Fundación Telefónica.

Invited artists:
Juan Barreto (Rapapay) – Giselle Ángeles (Fragmatista) – Dante Gonzales – Juan Carlos Yanaura – Herrman Hamann –  Martín Aramburú – Mario Silvania – Analucía Roeder

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Image: Testing with visuals from Juan Carlos Yanaura


INSTABILITY _ Robert Henke

Management and production for Espacio Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with Robert Henke.

Lima, Peru _ March 2019

Solo exhibition by renowned German artist and engineer Robert Henke, who explores the perception of physical and virtual space through three installations involving a display of data-programmed lasers and multichannel sound.

The works selected for this exhibition generate controlled states of disorder. They show fractures, abrupt changes and erosions. Nothing is stable, everything is constantly changing, just like the world around us. The increasing complexity creates beauty and invites us to look and listen more closely.


Image: Fragile Territories _ audiovisual laser installation by Robert Henke
Photo: Edi Hirose


DISTRACTOR #4 _ Jose Carlos Martinat

Management and production for Espacio Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with José Carlos Martinat.

Lima, Peru _ March 2019

Distractor #4 is a mechanical sculpture of moving lights that combines elements designed for the mere entertainment and distraction of the public, with messages that question the human predilection for measuring and receiving everything through the eyes.

For the creation of this kinetic sculpture, the author, José Carlos Martinat, was inspired by the graphics and structures used in the manufacture of pyrotechnic castles in different Andean celebrations.




Management and production for Espacio Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with Zimoun.

Lima, Peru _ November 2018

Zimoun is interested in sound as an architectural element, in sound to create space, but also in sound that inhabits a space and interacts with it. He is interested in three-dimensional sound structures, as well as the spatial experience and exploration of sound. In his installations he usually resorts to the same mechanical systems, patterns and repetition, creating static architectures where the viewer can enter and explore them acoustically as if walking through a building.

This exhibition was developed thanks to the support of the Swiss Embassy in Peru and the Pro Helvetia Foundation.

Image: 205 ready-made motors, cotton balls, cardboard boxes 50 x 50 x 50 cm _ sound installation by Zimoun


MEMORY LANE _ Félix Luque, Íñigo Bilbao and Damien Gernay

Management and production for Espacio Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with Félix Luque and Nicholas Weirick.

Lima Peru _ April  2018

The exhibition Memory Lane starts from an exploration of the childhood and youth memories of Félix Luque and Íñigo Bilbao on the coasts of Ribadesella and Llanes (Asturias), which translates into a digitalization of the forests, beaches and rocks using 3D scanning technologies. By means of digital devices they obtain an enormously detailed reproduction of those places and at the same time a ghostly, distant and incomplete image, which gradually becomes a fiction. Together with Damien Gernay, the three artists elaborate a particular imitation of nature, in which it is both captured as accurately as today’s technology allows and turned into something consciously artificial.


Image: Bois Mort _ light and sound installation by Félix Luque and Damien Gernay
Photo: Tatiana Gamarra



Curator and management for Espacio Fundación Telefónica.

Lima, Peru _ August  2017

The crossover between formats and techniques generate new processes of conceiving the moving image, RENDER bets on projects that involve animation and technical hybridization; not only in its conception but also in its language, integrating proposals that go beyond traditional animation. The works that make up this exhibition explore this question and reflect on our presence as analogical beings within a new digital nature, highlighting the influence of technology for the creative process and execution in this new generation of animated projects.

Artists: Tundra x (RU) – Elliot Schultz (AU) – Kouhei Nakama (JP) – Thi Binh Minh Nguyen, Christin Marczinzik, Felix Herbst (DE) – Andy Thomas (AU) – John Edmark (US).


Image: SWING VR _ immersive VR installation by Thi Binh Minh Nguyen, Christin Marczinzik and Felix Herbst
Photo: Edi Hirose



Management and production for Espacio Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with Herman Kolgen.

Lima, Peru _ April 2017

Canadian artist Herman Kolgen presented his solo exhibition, Territorios Expandidos, the exhibition features six works where sound and image are revealed through complex technological interrelationships. A true audio-kinetic sculptor, Kolgen creates works of an almost disconcerting aesthetic-mathematical finesse from digital data.

The artist explores through digital technologies the notion of territory and the relations of force that occur in it. Kolgen is interested in territory not only as an external physical space but also as a place of human interiority, with its affections and intangible states.



Management and production for Espacio Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with Alpha Ville (Estela Oliva and Carmen Salas).

Lima, Peru _ March 2016

The project New Realities was an ongoing exploration of how the internet and the latest technological changes have shifted our perception of the world, opening up new opportunities for artistic and creative expression. Curated by Alpha-ville, the exhibition presented a new exhibition in Lima at Espacio Fundacion Telefonica featuring the works of 12 contemporary artists and designers across three thematic areas.


Image: It´s you _ interactive installation by Karolina Sobecka
Photo: Héctor Delgado


ORDERED DISORDER _ Ryoichi Kurokawa

Management and production for Espacio Fundación Telefónica in collaboration with Ryoichi Kurokawa and Nicholas Weirick.

Lima, Peru _ March 2015

Ordered Disorder is the name of Ryoichi Kurokawa’s solo exhibition and brings together both new and existing works of art by the renowned Japanese artist, who has been creating avant-garde audiovisual works since the early 2000s.

The exhibition is inspired by the concept of entropy, questioning and exploring the boundaries between order and disorder. Providing an insight into the artist’s particular visual approach as well as the thinking behind his work, the works presented illustrate how, thanks to technology, the human hand is able to reconstruct and reinterpret the chaotic materials of nature.


Image: Renature::insecta #2  _ 3D printing sculpture by Ryoichi Kurokawa
Photo: Edi Hirose