Omar Lavalle is a peruvian sound and audiovisual artist specialized in digital arts, graduated in the career of sound engineering. He currently works as cultural manager and content curator of the art and technology program of Fundación Telefónica, Perú. Within its professional trajectory it has developed diverse projects as exhibitions, programmes, experiential events, installations, web experiments, compositions and sound design for theater, modern dance and performances.

His music has gone through different variants of sound experimentation, mixing field recordings and sound based on computer errors, looking for a balance between sonic density and human expression.

In the last years, his line of work explores within the visual arts and multimedia, taking part in different electronic art festivals such as: Lima Sonidos (Perú), Festival en Tiempo Real (Colombia), Vibra (Perú), Festival Internacional de la Imagen (Colombia), Music Arts Biennial in Loja (Ecuador), Transitio (Mexico) , Ensamble Vortex (Suiza), Mutek (Canada), Escuchar (Argentina), among others.

CONTACT: omarlavalle@gmail.com

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