audiovisual work / sound landscape / live AV

Collection of audiovisual works developed under the name of Gramínea, articulated under an abstract vision that attempts to represent the diversity of genres, morphologies and species of these hermaphrodite plants. Proposal where sound establishes an intimate relationship with forms, indefinitely prolonged in nebulae that grow like overlapping tissues. Grainy textures, residual noises, digital anomalies and rhythmic sections.


Audiovisual Concert _ Gramínea V for GAMA by Pauchi Sasaki _ Gran Teatro Nacional _ Lima, PE 2017

Audiovisual Concert _ Gramínea I – II – III for Escuchar [Sonidos visuales] _ MAMBA _ Buenos Aires, AR 2017

Screening_ Gramínea II for Understanding visual music _ CEIArtE – UNTREF _San Martin Cultural Center _ Buenos Aires, AR 2014 – 2013.

Audio track _ Gramínea for Coma Split – Buh records 2010

Gramínea I-II-III _ Live AV
Photo: Guido Limardo for the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires.