Códigos de error


computer music / noise

By using files incorrectly, the audio software is forced to interpret an error as sound. These different audio files are processed and re-mixed with field recordings. Creating an aesthetic and emotional experience through sound as a gateway to the listener’s subjective levels of appreciation and interpretation.


Ensamble Vortex _ Audiovisual screening _ Geneva, CH 2010

Sicofonías _ Installation and Sound intervention _ La casa rosa _ Lima, PE 2010

Ruido Bonito _ Sound intervention _ (E)star Gallery, Lima, PE 2010

Un túnel de 120 minutos _ Acousmatic session _ Sala 1042 _ Lima, PE 2009

QUADRA V.1 _ Audio stream concert for En Tiempo Real – Nuevos Encuentros Sonoros _ four artists / four cities / four channels
on-line jam / Mexico City – Bogota – Quito – Lima _ 2009

Festival Internacional de la imagen _ Audiovisual concert _ Manizales, CO 2009

Códigos de error_ Live AV _ Festival Internacional de la Imagen _ Manizales, Colombia