audiovisual work / sound landscape / code

The human eye works in a very similar way to a video camera, its different elements work together to capture the world around us, being able to absorb and process instantly a large amount of data containing information per second. Based on this idea, CLOSE is developed as an audiovisual creation that explores the notions of perception and the construction of images and sounds from indeterminate information.

CLOSE has been elaborated in three stages with different perspectives, which are linked one from the other in order of creation, that is to say, each piece uses the previous work as a source of production.

CLOSE perspective #1

Audiovisual work that explores the tension and relationship between the figurative and the abstract. Experimenting with the transformation of the macro landscape, its different optics and interferences, the work aims to move away from the real context of the elements, exploring through textures that evoke different atmospheres, guiding the viewer to observe in a less concrete way.

The images that constitute the work are recorded through the macro lens of a cell phone camera, capturing microscopic landscapes that resemble cellular organisms and organic elements in constant change. The composition includes audiovisual intervention through video layers and granular synthesis processes.


CLOSE perspective #2

Second audiovisual work of the CLOSE series, developed through a video synthesizer emulator and audiovisual programming processes.  Altering patterns, scales and data from the original 2D video, specific elements of the image are remodeled, obtaining a result of geometric waves animated in 3D, which pass through a shading process of vertices and pixels that calculate and identify the light levels of the image.

The audio of the work is generated through a virtual device composed of five resonators arranged in parallel which print a certain tonal character to the sound input source. To this process is added granular synthesis techniques with asynchronous methods which randomly generates the distances between the distribution of sounds producing an immersive and constantly changing sound cloud.

For the results of this work is it used as an audiovisual source the video CLOSE perspective #1.


CLOSE perspective #3

Third audiovisual work of the CLOSE series developed through visual and sound analysis of the image, light and motion detection are applied in this computer vision technique in which the software detects moving regions in an image or video sequence, drawing a bounding box around them, identifying as much information as possible about that moving bounding box.

The aesthetic result reveals a speculative map of data and interconnections, linked to image and sound, information that is only visible through the machine’s analysis, performing as an amplifier for the human eye.

The audiovisual work CLOSE perspective #2 is used as a source for the development of the data structure that makes up the piece.


Audiovisual installation with variable dimensions. 
LED panels or projection _ FHD or 4K
03 video channel + 02 audio channels


CLOSE _ perspective #2, AV1 Expo, Lima, February 2023

Currents New Media Festival
CLOSE _ perspective #1, Santa Fe, New Mexico, June 2022

Engage 22
CLOSE _ perspective #1, online exhibition, May 2022

Outside the box
CLOSE _ perspective #1.vrt, Hypercube project space, Lisbon 2021

Stills from Engage 2022 Web _ online exhibition by RE – ND -ER – ED