generative art / creative coding

Using the title GEN. as the abbreviation and relationship between the words and concepts of generative and genetics, this collection of generative audiovisual works are developed through autonomous systems, code and software. Each work contains its own “artificial DNA” and is considered as a digital unit of storage and transmission of variable information, a trace of the fascinating beauty of chaos and chance.

The sound composition of each GEN. is also developed under the concept of generative music, sometimes merging processes of algorithmic composition and granular synthesis. The results of the sound structures are also related and interconnected with each GEN. giving rise to reactive properties with the sound and revealing characteristic data of each work.

Thus, through the manipulation of different computerized systems for visual and sound composition, this project seeks to enhance the work of human and machine, obtaining new creative processes with uncertain and experimental results. From this series of works, viewers embark on a contemplative audiovisual exploration of dynamic digital organisms that mutate and evolve.



The main core of the visual and sound generation system is Touchdesigner, visual programming language software, and Ableton live as a digital audio workstation. The integration of both programs incorporates elements of randomness and the use of algorithms within the creative process of the work. In this way both programs allow the author to create granular synthesis procedures, feedback loops, automated modulation of parameters and simulated forces of gravity and magnetism. Resulting in autonomous systems with constant variables.

The development of these experimental processes invites reflection on the collaborative work between human and machine, in the thought of creating artificial life and automata through the use of technology. The work blends and speculates on concepts linked to science and art, inciting the viewer to contemplate and perceive through a generative audiovisual experience.


Audiovisual installation with variable dimensions.
LED panels in square format _ FHD or 4K
01 video channel + 02 audio channels


GEN.005 _ multiple digital urban screens, Shibuya square, Tokyo 2022